SGI Remote Services: Proactively prevent outages and speed problem resolution

SGI recently announced SGI® Remote Support Services – a secure connection to SGI customer support whenever and wherever you need it.

SGI Remote Services monitors your SGI infrastructure around the clock and automatically notifies SGI support in the event you have a system problem.   Combining highly secure proactive monitoring with a direct connection to our SGI support experts ensures that your critical projects or time-sensitive research run without interruption.

With our remote monitoring you are able to receive proactive maintenance and early detection with secure 24/7 remote monitoring, diagnostics, and resolution.   Scheduled data collection and monitoring combined with automated case opening and parts shipment further enhances your systems support.

You gain essential insights into the overall health of your network and areas that need improvement. This means quick resolution of network issues to avoid costly downtime. You also save time and reduce expenditures so you can apply your valuable resources to more important projects. Ensuring your systems are up-to-date also effectively reduces unnecessary downtime and loss in productivity.

Here’s what one of our customers has said about SGI Remote Services:

“For an F1 team it is imperative that we capture hardware and software issues and immediately take appropriate remedial actions. SGI Remote Services redefines the level and type of support provided by SGI.”

– High Performance Automotive Manufacturer

Make sure you get connected – with SGI Remote Services.

The following online resources provide further details about SGI Remote Services.

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