SGI UV 2000 is the FASTEST, MOST POWERFUL Supercomputer…..

Like any proud parent, we can’t help but brag about our babies.    This week we were excited to announce that the SGI® UV™ 2000 became the first single node SMP to exceed 100 GTEPS, as verified by the Graph 500 benchmark test for measuring large data volume processing by supercomputers. In addition to this new performance world record, the Green Graph 500 test also revealed the SGI UV 2000 to be the commercial supercomputer with the lowest power-consumption figures.

The Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry (IMI), in conjunction with the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) and SGI Japan, Ltd., conducted the Graph 500 benchmark test on the SGI UV 2000, which is officially known as the Data Assimilation Supercomputer System at ISM.  The test measures the performance of supercomputers in processing large amounts of data.

So, we’re fast, powerful AND green.  Check out our press release for all the details.  And a big thank you to IMI and ISM for running these benchmark tests.


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