SGI Wins Big – Second DoD Deal in Three Months



The High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) has awarded SGI a contract of over $30 million to provide the SGI® ICE™ X supercomputer for high-end computational research to be delivered to the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) – the second SGI deployment for the Department of Defense (DoD) in recent months. In October, SGI was awarded a contract to provide an SGI ICE X supercomputer to the U.S Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) as part of a technology insertion contract through the HPCMP. These systems will enable mission-critical research and drive innovation throughout the United States Armed Forces.

The AFRL SGI ICE X system will enable rapid development and testing thus reducing time to solution by months.  The use of advanced computational computing at the AFRL DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC) enables quick turn-around of research and development for DoD scientists and researchers, which reduces flight test risk and improves safety.

The SGI ICE X cluster is a 3,576 node cluster which includes 178 NVIDIA® GPGPU nodes and 178 Intel® Xeon Phi™ accelerator nodes and runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. The new system is expected to deliver 3.9 petaflops of peak theoretical performance (RMAX). If the AFRL ICE X system was benchmarked today, it would rank in the Top 10 of the Top 500 list. This deployment enables advanced computing for the DoD’s science and engineering communities for a broad range of diverse application areas including fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, materials design, space situational awareness, climate and ocean modeling and environmental quality.

The new system will be co-located with the 8 M-Cell ICE system deployed as part of the DoD’s Spirit SGI ICE X supercomputer and will feature 6 M-Cells—SGI’s single largest M-Cell deployment.  SGI’s M-Cell technology provides industry-leading power and cooling efficiency.

The AFRL’s SGI ICE X system will also feature 12.4 PB of  SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600 based on NetApp® E-Series technology, running Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre® software to allow for faster access to crucial information. Our major contribution to the DoD research is sometimes difficult to see.



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